Audio Package

Audio/Video Receiver Setup
Surround Sound Setup  
Speaker Configuration: 5.1 - 9.2
Calibrated Wall Mapping
Mount Type: In Wall / Satellite 


Audio Installation Option is the key component in any home theater experience. At the opportune time, unlocking discrete sounds in different channels during a movie scene gives the listener a sense of surreal moments through digital technology. Surround sound decodes multiple audio channels at different peak levels delivering variances of sound in different directions. With today's home theater enthusiast, surround sound plays a huge part in showcasing an engaging entertainment experience. From audio separates, such as Processors and Amplifiers, to Home Theater Receivers, Pro Install® has a budget friendly audio installation option thats's just right for you.

  • A/V Theater Receiver - complete setup and installation
  • Dolby Surround Sound - in-wall / on-wall speaker mounting 
  • Wiring - speaker wire concealment behind walls
  • DVD/Blu-ray - setup of system components
  • Cord Appearance - custom zipping of all speaker & HDMI wires