Searching for "Best in it's Class" Flatscreen TV Installation in Houston and Home Theater Design? The solution to your Entertainment viewing pleasures are right before your eyes with convenient pricing. At PRO iNSTALL®, we believe in superior service by Certified Technicians with the know all to meet any

demand including, but not limited to, custom designs and/or solutions. 

Here at PRO iNSTALL® by Bane Marrows Inc., we are committed to excellence by providing our Clients with an efficient solution to TV and Home Theater installation in the greater St. Louis, Mo and Houston, TX area. Our TV and Home Theater Installation portrays a specialized set-up of the Client's home audio system and/or HDTV. We offer quality services at convenient prices to all of our valued Clients.

PRO iNSTALL® by Bane Marrows Inc. specializes in basic Home Theater Audio, TV set-up and installation, along with complete Home Theater design. We have come to understand the risks and significance of proper Component(s) installation which makes it easier and simpler for our Client's enjoyment. By not focusing on the amount of work, but rather on the quality of work, this allows us to put more emphasis on providing the Client with the best service techniques in the industry. Imploring a wide range of solutions, trends and techniques allows for a robust design specially tailored to our Clients overall objective.

  • Provide quality Home Theater and Audio Scheme Services
  • Flexible solutions to fit Client's preferences and needs
  • Troubleshooting and recommendations of Home Theater Components
  • Client Support before and after the Installation Process
  • Full Disclosure Consult of any Home Theater and TV Installation
  • Safe Unpacking plus Efficient Integration and Connection of Components 

The Certified In-house Personnel employed by PRO iNSTALL® by Bane Marrows Inc. are trained in handling every and any aspect which may arise during the TV, Home Theater, and/or Home Audio Installation process. We assure our Client's that their first encounter with us will go above and beyond enjoyable, as well as entertaining. We are our Client's TV and Home Theater partner making for a pleasurable Home Entertainment experience. 

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