Client's Expectations...

  • Calibrated Mapping
  • Sound Techniques  
  • 100% Satisfaction
We understand choosing a service provider can be challenging and for this very reason we honor our Client's Expectations by putting our BEST foot forward, FIRST. At PRO iNSTALL® , we believe you should be able to immerse yourself into an entertainment haven from the comfort of your own home.  And this type of enjoyment should not come at an outrageous expense that could be considered as some put it, "breaking the bank." By choosing our services, we have and will continue to expound on highly sought after techniques that will come nothing short of safety first, best in it's class installation second and 100% Client satisfaction. 
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Uniformed Certified Technicians
We value your Trust, here is why we hire customer oriented personnel. Rest assure PRO iNSTALL® Technician(s) will arrive in
Award Winning Customer Service
What is the meaning of Customer Service in today's busy world? The answer is quite simple, putting the Client first
Fair & Friendly Pricing
Understanding that Pricing is one of the key components in sealing the deal, PRO iNSTALL® goes beyond this factor. 
Precise & Expert Service
Through countless classroom hours and on-site training, Pro Install® Certified Technicians are well equipped
Customer Knowledge Base
Understanding how to utilize and control your new components is as important as purchasing them! With PRO iNSTALL's® knowledge base,
1yr Labor Warranty
When it comes to standing behind it's Product, nothing spells "CONFIDENCE" like a simple to understand Warranty.