Precise & Expert Service

Through countless classroom hours and on-site training, Pro Install® Certified Technicians are well equipped
and trained to handle any/all Home Theater and TV Installation demands. Focusing our attention on the end result from the beginning is one of the ways Pro Install® out performs the competition. Most DIY"ers" are under the false impression that stud finding and tv hanging is a simple task. But ask yourself, is it really as simple as one would think? Not actually, here why! Calibrated Wall Mapping is not a simple task for an untrained Professional.
When it comes to ensuring the intended wall location of the mounting process is sound, one would have to know what's within the wall to be certain this will work. Average Box Store stud finders and techniques will not ensure your Plasma, LED or LCD TV will remain mounted in these conditions over a period of time. But with Pro Install®, our Calibrated Wall Mapping is a must have when it comes to mounting our Client's most entertaining prized possessions, their HDTV(s).